My Very Own ABCs is a great first app for toddlers that uses own voice and pictures!

My Very Own ABCs

My Very Own Colors for pre-schoolers helps them learn their colors and first words in several languages.

My Very Own Colors

My Very Own Numbers helps pre-schoolers learn to count, add & subtract and much more!

My Very Own Numbers

My Very Own Memory Match helps grade-school children improve their focus, memory and cognitive abilities!

My Very Own Memory Match

Welcome to The Porter Company, LLC

The Porter Company builds fun, multi-lingual educational apps for children for both iOS and Android devices.

We have several Apps that are targeted for pre-school aged children that help them learn their ABCs, Colors, First Words, and Numbers. In these Apps, parents can create custom content so that each child can learn words based on pictures and voices that are familiar to them.

My Very Own Memory Match is a more advanced App where people can help improve their focus and IQ while they are playing. Users are challenged with progressively harder levels that will reward them for making quick, correct answers while using both auditory and visual cues to stimulate their memory.

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